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Family Vintage Family Vintage

Family Vintage 

Family Vintage Family Vintage

Family Vintage 

Madracik Madracik


Family Vintage Family Vintage

Family Vintage  

3 generations 3 generations

3 generations 

Feci & Anin magič Feci & Anin magič

Feci & Anin magič 

Ominka Ominka


Untitled now 2022 Untitled now 2022

Untitled now 2022 

Drummer Drummer


Untitled now 2022 Untitled now 2022

Untitled now 2022 

Untitled now 2022 Untitled now 2022

Untitled now 2022 

Neon Viki Neon Viki

Neon Viki  

Braňo Zámečník Braňo Zámečník

Braňo Zámečník 

Braňo Zámečník, 2016, mixed media, 210 × 100 × 50 cm;

Emperator Emperator


Tom Tom Guitar Tom Tom Guitar

Tom Tom Guitar 

Self Me Self Me

Self Me 

Mega Ultra Magor Viki Mega Ultra Magor Viki

Mega Ultra Magor Viki 

Mega Ultra Magor Viki, 2020, 750 x275 x275 cm


I.W, 2017, mixed media, 105 × 35 × 35 cm
Cargo Cargo


Cargo, 2017, mixed media, 169 × 79 × 70 cm
Rolly Polly Rolly Polly

Rolly Polly 

Gebuľka Gebuľka


Gebuľka, 2016, polyester, 98 × 60 × 90 cm, edition of 6
Angry Boy Angry Boy

Angry Boy 

Angry Boy, 2017, polyester, 350 × 150 × 150 cm, edition of 5 Monumenta 2018, Leipzig


NIEMAND (Picus) 

Pičus / Niemand, 2014, polyurethane, 95 × 35 × 35 cm, edition of 36

“Pičus”, Niemand
A statuette of a small man with a disproportionate figure and arrogant angry expression on his face. The figure is divided roughly into three-thirds, each of them representing one part of the body - head, torso and legs. Exactly this oversimplified division creates the seeming anatomical mismatch and his huge head at first glance looks ridiculously. This is a brief characteristicsof the statue of "Pičus"  which has become very popular among art collectors, art historians, as well as the non-professionalpublic. It is difficult to translate the name "Pičus", but it is a man at the boundary between ridiculous, foxy and at the same time insidiousson of a bitch, full of complexes but also a self-important arrogant bastard, such as annoys you often in real life. One of the most pregnanttranslations is "Niemand".
Just as it is difficult to translate the name exactly, it is also difficult to describe the whole mix of emotions raised by this statueand in particular represented by it. The already mentioned arrogance, negativism, inferiority complex, meanness and malicious unhealthy self-importance. The essence of negative emotions that people try to hide all their life,occurs in the about one-meterhigh figure, which completes his insignificance even by his small penis. This series of emotions paradoxically evokes the sense of ridiculousness, his insignificant importanceand arrogance.
The author Viktor Frešo in his work often deals with boundary emotions, consciously raises debates about stereotypes of perception of art and values of artistic operation. In the statue of Pičus,he has redirected this strategy into human characteristics that resemble the series of seven original sins not by chance.
"I have always been fascinated by people with big head, they seemed exceptional to me and their energy had a very pleasant effect on me," the author commented on the history of the “Pičus” sculpture. In the nineties,this trivial reason initiated the first oil paintings of people with a big head and a similar expression as that on the face of the “Pičus” statue. Later, in 2011, its 3D version appeared as a bust in the City Gallery of Košice named MONGY. In 2013,Pičus was for the first time presented as a whole body sculpture at the Bea City Beats festival, where during the concerts it stood on the podium alongside world stars. It is interesting to see how Pičus finds a wide range of fans, although it's actually a little man presenting a series of negative emotions.
S09 S09


S09, 2011, aluminium, plywood, 100 × 100 × 100 cm, edition of 3
The Chandelier The Chandelier

The Chandelier 

The Chandelier, 2013, mixed media, 70 × 60 × 60 cm, edition of 8
S10B, 2016, mixed media, 80 × 80 × 80 cm S10B, 2016, mixed media, 80 × 80 × 80 cm

S10B, 2016, mixed media, 80 × 80 × 80 cm 

S24 S24


S24, 2012, aluminium, 160 × 160 × 160 cm, edition of 6
sculpture sculpture


Cube Connection, 2013, aluminium, 315 × 315 × 315 cm From Unveiling of the Public Sculpture, Košice

Rebrik Rebrik



© Viktor Frešo